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Added Sugar In Rum - Fall Update

Calling this a fall update might trigger some bad feelings for people who are desperately holding on to the last signs of summer. Perhaps I should have named it a late summer update instead. My apologies.

Some of these list updates can be more interesting than others. Nothing much shocking in this one. What does attract attention is the low sugar rating of Bacardi 10. It really stands out in comparison to Bacardi 8, which has a significant amount of added sugar according to the latest Alko test (15g/L). Bacardi 10 only 2g/L.

Lately, I've seen quite a few posts about Eminente Cuban rum. No doubt the beautiful bottle has something to do with this. Systembolaget has measured it at 8g/L of added sugar. Other more well known rums that are added to the list are Pusser's Navy and Gunpowder Proof, Companero Elixir Extra that comes with a complimentary visit to the dentist, Cristobal 151, Merser Double Barrel, a few Plantation expressions and the most important one....Captain Morgan Sliced Apple!

Click here for the list, or use the "sugar list" link at the top of the page.

Updates that happened after March 2021 are at the bottom of the list. However, you can sort it by name, ABV, sugar and date.

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