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Advent Calendar Rum Review - The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

When I received the 1423.dk advent calendar, it presented me with a problem. It’s one of those western world problems that make you realize how good your life really is. I was debating how I would write about it and in how many articles. Twenty four samples is a lot of rum.

I see quite a few people post about it on a daily basis, which is nice. But, I’m not an every day drinker and it would cost me too much time. In the end I decided to write an introductory article and another where I’m sharing my thoughts on some of the rums.

I have to say it’s been a real joy to go through this calendar. I’ve tried a lot of rums in the past years but plenty were new to me and I’m always excited to try the unknown. I randomly picked 9 and tasted them in flights of 3.

Flight 1

Ratu Dark 5 Yr is made at the South Pacific Distillery in Fijij. They use pot stills and column stills, but I’m not sure which they have used for this 5 year blend. Information is scarce. The company website states it’s aged in charred oak barrels. A few sites mention it’s filtered through coconut shell carbon. When searching for info I found this gem:”The Dark Rum presumably uses the blackstrap molasses for the darker color and richer flavors noted for dark rums.” My oh my.

Borgoe 12 Yr hails from Suriname. The 12 is a column still rum made by Suriname Alcoholic Beverages for their 50th anniversary. They produce other spirits and an overproof rum called Mariënburg with an abv of 90%! Would love to try that one day.

On their website they say:”While creating this impressive rum, our master blender became inspired by the iconic tastes of the other aged rums from the Borgoe Reserve Collection, which resulted in a blend of unmatched intensity”. This marketing slogan was probably created by someone who had a very long day with tons of stress. He made a to do list in the morning, but forgot to put “Borgoe 12 slogan” on it. He remembered 5 minutes before going home.

Millonario 10 Aniversario Reserva is made at Pomalca in Peru. No info on their site on how this is made, of course. A few other sites mention it being a blend of a 6 year rum aged in bourbon barrels and a 10 year rum aged in oloroso sherry barrels. If that is true, and I have some doubts, then the 10 on the beautiful label is purely there to deceive consumers.

All of these are bottled at 40%.



It’s a strong pungent smell with molasses, toffee, light cardboard, light varnish, raisins, a warm caramel dessert, wood and something grassy in the distance. A very nice nose!