• Ivar

Foursquare 2005 - A Rummy Rum

Updated: Mar 15, 2019

First time I encountered Foursquare 2005 was in Barbados in the spring of 2018. We were there for a week to celebrate rum with a group of fellow enthusiasts. An experience that was made unforgettable by the generosity of Foursquare's Richard and Gayle Seale, who organized several events for us at the distillery and elsewhere.

Premise, Dominus and 2005 had just been released. I tasted them side by side at an amazing restaurant called “Tapas”.

There were many wonderful things distracting me from tasting this properly; the company, the view of the ocean and Richard explaining me the workings of a pot still with the help of a glass of water (pot) and pepper and salt shakers (the retorts). Sometimes tasting rum simply can’t be a priority!

The first impression it did give me was 2005 being the outstanding one of the three, with Dominus a close second and Premise a clear third.


Distillery: Foursquare Distillery, Barbados

Age: 12 years in ex-bourbon cask

Abv: 59%

Hydrometer Fat Rum Pirate: 0-5 gr/l

Other: 2005 is the 6th in the Exceptional Cask Selection series. It's a blend of pot and column still rums.


Nosing 2005 is something I could do every day and not take a single sip. Hence why I think this should be put in a fancy cologne bottle and be called Eau De Richard.

I’m first hit with bourbon cask vanilla and then some beautiful oak spice, tobacco, coconut and dried fruits. It’s nutty and a little briny.

There is a delicious sweetness that provides memories of grandma baking her signature cake. It’s impossible to get bored of that!