• Ivar

Foursquare's Rum Treasures

Updated: Jun 17, 2019

Foursquare distillery in Barbados has really upped their game in the past few years. They always had a solid line of 40%ish rums but are now adding a delicious higher abv option to their standard lineup, Doorly’s 14, and have been delighting the rum enthusiast with some wonderful limited edition rums.

These limited editions have been highly rated each and every time. Quite the achievement. Foursquare has moved with the market. Although it’s more like they’ve moved before the market did, as with the creation of good rum, everything is in due course. A sign of good vision.

I’ve had a bottle of Foursquare 2006 in my cabinet for a long time. Never opened it. I was waiting for a special moment. Several of these moments passed me by while 2006 remained unopened. Lady Triptych had enough of this situation and decided to force the issue. With the bottle of Triptych almost finished, I had to pour the last bit in a sample bottle to make sure it wouldn’t go bad. That made me think. I really wanted to compare 2006 and Triptych to see which one I liked best. I can’t really classify this as a special occasion….but I opened 2006 for this reason.

To make it even more interesting, I added Destino to the lineup and used 2005 as a “marker”. That marker is just an excuse to drink even more excellent rum of course.



Age: 10 years. 3 years in ex-bourbon cask and 7 years in ex-cognac cask

Abv: 62%

Other: 2400 bottles


Age: 14 years. 2 years in old ex-rum cask. 12 years in ex-Madeira cask.

Abv: 61%

Other: 600 bottles for the Velier 70th anniversary, 2610 for the regular Destino


Age: 2004 ex-bourbon cask, 2005 ex Madeira cask, 2007 virgin oak. Bottled in 2016

Abv: 56%

Other: 5400 bottles



Heavenly. It smells so good, I don’t even need to taste it to be happy with the overall experience. Vanilla and oak are accompanied by a fantastic leather note. It’s somewhat fruity and blended with burnt wood, milk chocolate and raisins. It doesn’t smell like a 62% rum.