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Kill Devil Hampden 16 vs Velier Hampden 2010 vs Rum Exchange Jamaica 5 Review

Tasting Hampden rums is always a joy. Actually, I often have to tell myself that I should review rum from other countries more….but it’s hard to stay away from Jamaica. I love Jamaican rum. Very recently I bought a bottle of Kill Devil Hampden 16 year. The main reason for buying it was me being curious to know what this longer continental ageing does to a lively spirit like this. Naturally, for this review I wanted to compare it to something, so I checked out my collection of samples (thank you rum friends!) and found a Velier Hampden 2010 and a Rum Exchange Trelawny, both with similar abv’s. I figured they would make an interesting comparison.

The Kill Devil brand belongs to Hunter Laing from Scotland. I've written about them here. They have provided online retailer “The Whiskey Barrel” with quite a few exclusives. The 16 year old in this article is one and these three are as well. Velier from Italy is probably even more well known than Kill Devil. I’d even ask under which rum barrel you’ve been living if you don’t know them. Get on it fast if you don't! It’s largely thanks to Velier and Luca Gargano that we have a large variety of tropically aged Hampdens to choose from. He should get a statue for that alone. Next to that, he seems to have a rather good nose and palate for deciding which rum he wants to sell under his brand. The vast majority is excellent. Rum Exchange is a relatively new company from Austria. They import various spirits, including rum. They also bottle rum under their own label. I always love it when new companies show up to provide us rum enthusiasts with more rum choices. Their rum in this review has 3 years of tropical ageing in ex bourbon barrel and then a further 2 years in Oloroso Sherry cask in Europe through Denmark's 1423 (who bottle SBS).


Kill Devil Jamaica 16

Distillery: Hampden, Jamaica

Age: 16 Years, distilled 10/2001

Abv: 61.2%

Mark: <>H : 900-1000 esters

Other: Total of 156 bottles

Rum Exchange Jamaica 5

Distillery: Hampden, Jamaica

Age: 5 Years, 3 tropical years ex bourbon, 2 continental years in ex Sherry, distilled 2013

Abv: 61.5%

Other: Total of 355 bottles

Velier Hampden 2010

Distillery: Hampden, Jamaica

Age: 9 Years, distilled 2010

Abv: 6