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London Rum Store Inventory - UK Rumfest

Since UK Rumfest is on this weekend, I figured some people would like to know which rums can be bought where. I like going rum shopping, even though I can't buy much because of having to go back to Canada. Seeing all those bottles is satisfying in a way. My feet are disagreeing with this particular enthusiastic approach....but I've simply ignored them. Below are photos of the inventory of several London liquor stores. Rum porn!

Overall, The Whisky Exchange stores had a great selection, so did Hedonism. Very impressive stores. Gerry's was so so, Berry Bros and Harvey Nichols were light on rum.

The photos are somewhat large, so it might take a bit of time to load.

The Whisky Exchange London Bridge:

Berry Bros. & Rudd

Hedonism Wines

The Whisky Exchange Great Portland St

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