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Savanna Lontan 2007 & The Wild Parrot Savanna & Velier Savanna Indian Ocean Stills - Rum Review

La Réunion is a a beautiful volcanic island near Madagascar, in the Indian Ocean. Less than a million people live in this French Department. One of the things I noticed when I started doing a bit of research is that they have Google Streetview on the island! I love that! A lot of islands don’t and that’s so unfortunate. It’s great to roam the streets of a gorgeous island! Never mind the streets, how about virtually climbing a volcano?! Here are a few screen captures of Streetview in Réunion, to give you an idea of what it’s like there. I want to go now!

Another beautiful thing is Distillerie Savanna. It’s one of four rum distilleries on Réunion Island, the others being the Rivière du Mat distillery, Isautier distillery and La Part des Anges. The first mention of a distillery in the Savanna region was in the 1870s, located in Saint Paul. Things changed in the 1940’s, when Emile Hugot consolidated several sugar factories, including Savanna, into the Bourbon Sugar Company. The distillery operated until 1992, when it was moved to its current location in Saint-André, right by a sugar factory.

Savanna is quite special, as it produces rums from molasses and cane juice. Most distilleries only use one sugar source to make rum from. Both are supplied to them by Sucrerie de Bois-Rouge. Molasses for their lighter and Grand Arôme (high ester) rums, cane juice for rhum agricole. When you look at a satellite image of the area around the distillery, you’ll see that the distillery, sugar factory and cane fields are all next to each other. So it’s a field to bottle operation.