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Sugary El Dorado Port Mourant And Versailles Rums

Quite a lot has been said about El Dorado adding less sugar to their rums, especially their 12 and 15 year old. That's all positive. Unfortunately, the lab test of the 40% El Dorado Versailles and Port Mourant are disappointing to say the least. 16g/L should provide a blanket of sweetness that tucks away a lot of subtle flavours, making it less complex. I bet it's smoooooooth though. It's a shame this producer keeps lying about additives.

The bottle and label of Island Signature's Turquoise Bay are very handsome. It caught my eye in a bar once and made me order a drink. I'm very glad I saw it in a bar before seeing it in a liquor store. This way it prevented me from buying a lemon. During the first sip it was instantly clear this stuff is massively sweetened. Yuck! Couldn't finish it. The unfortunate thing is that this experience has made me pass on all their other releases. Turns out, none of them have sugar, except for the one I tried.

A couple of Plantation (sorry, Planetary) vintages were tested. The sugar level is so low in these that it might not have been added.

I've never heard of Bodegas Papiamento Rum - Caribbean Carnival. Apparently it's an 8 year "Dutch Caribbean Style Rum". Not sure what that means, but apparently it needs a good amount of added sugar to be Dutch Caribbean. I have to admit, the sweet treats and cookies are rather good in the Netherlands. Maybe that was their inspiration. I'll pass on it, that's for sure.

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Updates that happened after March 2021 are at the bottom of the list. However, you can sort it by name, ABV, sugar and date.

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