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Fascinating Rum Q&A With E&A Scheer's Managing Director, Carsten Vlierboom

The name E&A Scheer doesn't always ring a bell, even with some seasoned rum enthusiasts. There is a good reason for that. They are actually trying to not be famous. However, they are a vital part of the rum world and a lot more present and involved than most people realize.

Want to start your own rum brand? Scheer will make the blend for you. With their 12 million liters of rum stock from dozens of distilleries, they can produce almost every flavour profile and then guarantee consistent delivery of that blend forever. If that's not what you want, but you actually want to bottle a single cask......let's say a 16 year Hampden.....they can deliver that as well, through Main Rum Company in Liverpool.

I've been to Scheer in Amsterdam a few times and it's a very impressive setup with fantastic and very passionate people running it. I was therefore super happy we could do this Q&A.

In this video, Carsten Vlierboom, E&A Scheer's Managing Director and Master Blender, talks about the workings of Scheer in Amsterdam and Main Rum Company in Liverpool.

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