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Foursquare Distillery Rum Ageing Bond 1 Video Tour

Foursquare rum distillery in Barbados has 4 rum ageing warehouses with a total of around 40000 casks resting in it (Dec 2021). I love walking through them. Apart from the obvious beauty of all the rows and rows of casks, there is the smell and the noise. The smell is a beautiful mixture of rum, wood and nature. The sound is mostly the wind, perhaps a few birds and not much else. When you close your eyes you feel like you are in one of the most tranquil places on Earth. At least...I do....when there isn't a large group of people in there with you.

I did a quick walk through of Bond #1 to show what it looks like. To experience the smells and sounds, you'll have to go to Barbados yourself.

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