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Live Q & A With Richard Seale - Foursquare Rum Distillery

One of the very few good things Covid 19 has brought us are live Q & A's with important people in the rum industry. So much information has been flowing from these events to consumers. It's a low cost way of reaching a target audience, which is especially great for smaller producers.

I've started organizing these for a Canadian rum group on Facebook that I run, called Rum Club Canada. The rum market in Canada isn't very well developed yet, so these types of information sessions are very valuable.

First one up is a very well known and influential figure in rum enthusiast circles. Foursquare Distillery's owner, distiller and master blender, Richard Seale.

It's a two hour talk about rum history, blending, casks, stills, rum in Canada, differences in rum styles and many other topics. It even includes a couple of revelations about future collaborations with an American and a Jamaican distillery. Afterwards, the fairly large Canadian audience was super appreciative of the amount of time Richard gave us.

More sessions to come....

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