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New Sugar List Entries: Don Papa - Canerock - Dos Maderas - Real McCoy & More

I’ve added a few more expressions to the sugar list, which has a total of 315 products on it now, as Alko and Sytembolaget have tested several new rums over the past couple of months. This includes a predictable result for Don Papa 10, one of the more misleading brands in the rum universe. A few other new entries are Barcelo Porto Cask, Ron Cihuatán, Rest & Be Thankful, Rammstein Port Cask, Plantation Fiji, Dos Maderas Luxus, The Real McCoy 12 Year and Plantation’s Canerock.

The Canerock label clearly states that it’s distilled in Jamaica. On the front page of their website, the word Jamaica/Jamaican is used 13 times, plus a gazillion times in a couple of “distilled in Jamaica” rolling banners. I guess it’s not far fetched to assume Maison Ferrand’s marketing department feel that adding some Jamaican pedigree to this spiced rum is beneficial to how the consumer will perceive it. I doubt people will be able to tell the difference though with the overpowering amount of sugar they’ve added to it. More than three times the level of sugar that’s in Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold for example. That sure isn't typical for Jamaican rum, to put it nicely. Maison Ferrand has been lobbying hard to try and change the rum rules in Jamaica to be able to add sugar to rum that's distilled and bottled in the country. They haven't been successful yet, luckily. Canerock shows how to circumvent this problem. It's spiced rum, marketing and politics, all in one bottle.

Click here for the list, or use the "sugar list" link at the top of the page.

Updates that happened after March 2021 are at the bottom of the list. However, you can sort it by name, ABV, sugar and date.

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Nov 30, 2022

I'm kind of curious, I've been perusing the site and see no mention of Flor de Cana rums, some of the finest IMHO and distilled in a very rigorous process. They are column distilled five time, aged in old bourbon barrels and not blended, every drop in a bottle is the vintage stated. Would love to see a review and if you get a chance to visit its quite stunning and informative.

Replying to

Hi! Thanks for following the site. They are indeed missing. I've always disliked their misleading age statements, but they say they now use true age statements. I have an old 12. Will do a review once I can get hold of the new one.

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