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Video Tour Of The Magic Pot Stills At Mount Gay Rum Distillery

For anyone who has been to Mount Gay Distillery in Barbados, you probably recognize the feeling I always have when I walk into the pot still room. After looking at and taking in the lovely smells of the fermentation vats, you go into the next room and get a feeling of walking into Valhalla. Imagine angels singing "Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa". Something like the photo below.

Any time spent there is great, but one time in particular stands out. Not only was I there with Steven and Barnali of Rum Diaries Blog, we were also given a tour by the amazing Fitzroy Smith and were able to meet the late great Blues when we were checking out the stills. It was an honour to be with such experienced and passionate gentlemen, while living a dream within our rum hobby. Blues let us taste some rum straight off the still. Magic!

Obviously, I encourage anyone to go for a tour at Mount Gay Distillery. It's such an impressive place with the most wonderful people. It also helps that you can taste and buy delicious rum there!

I've created a quick video tour of the pot stills (including the interior of one) and Coffey column still at the distillery. This includes a peek at the wooden fermentation vats.

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