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Video Tour Of The Magic Rum Stills At Foursquare Distillery

One of the many things I like about Foursquare distillery is the fact that anyone can go there and walk around without needing a guide. It's very informal and easy going that way. There are signs in many places that are explaining the rum making process. So, apart from being able to touch the still your favourite Foursquare ECS was made in, it's also an informative journey.

This doesn't mean guided tours aren't available and amazing. They can be requested of course. I simply enjoy wandering and exploring by myself. At the same time, it's a real treat to walk around the distillery with Richard Seale. I love his passion and his willingness to share some of his knowledge with a nobody like me. Who in his position does that?!

Last time I was there, we were chatting about the column stills mostly. While talking, he'd move a few levers here and there. When he was doing that, I was wondering if that was purely intuition/feel. He said:"we can measure a lot and make changes on that basis, but in this case it's just feel". For him this was an insignificant moment of course, as he does this every day. For me it was very intriguing. All of us in the rum community like to talk about the beauty of the stills, the barrels, fermentation, yeast, angels share, etc. We love hearing the makers talk about what they do and why. It's great to see Richard Seale in a clean ironed shirt, with his hair in shape, giving a presentation about his rums. But, it's equally great, or greater, to see the wild haired, unshaven, sweaty t-shirt Richard moving levers at the column still. I love that! Seeing that is part of the heart and soul behind the liquid which so many people enjoy.

While I was walking around by myself, I took a quick video of the stills for your enjoyment.

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