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Chairman's Reserve St Lucia Rum Q&A With Ben Jones

Another educational Q&A for you. This time mainly about St Lucian rum, with agricole rhum thrown in here and there.

Ben Jones, Spiribam’s Director of North America, speaks passionately about "visionary" Laurie Barnard and St Lucia Distillers. Other topics that are discussed: the cutting of several brands when taking over the distillery, the use of cane juice rum at St Lucia Distillers, the many barrel treasures, why age statements are barely used, why the approach to 1931 has changed, the creation of Chairman's Reserve Legacy, the process of the many private Chairman's releases and why they are cutting back, the lack of agricole rhum in Canada, the difference between selling rum in Canada and the US, Bounty rum.....and everything else in between.

Thank you Ben for spending your birthday minus 1 with us. Always a pleasure to speak with you.

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