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Sugar In Rum - The Systembolaget Laboratory List

A lot of people have read and responded positively to the Alko sugar list. That's great to see. It motivated me to go a step further.

To have even more information, I've added all the sugar measurements from the Swedish liquor monopoly as well. Systembolaget has a much longer list of rum, but very few have been measured for sugar content. More work to go through, but valuable nevertheless.

There is another difference, when there is no measurement given at Alko, it means there is 0 sugar, it looks like Systembolaget uses <3 g/L for that. This could possibly take into account that a very small amount of sugar might not be added, but can originate from the barrel ageing process for example.

I'm especially happy some clarity is provided on "premium" brands like Coloma, Don Papa, Dos Maderas and Ron Quorhum. Massive amounts of sugar in the last three, while consumers pay a lot of money for these misleading products. There also are a couple of results for (perhaps older) El Dorado releases, adding more background info to their changed attitude on adding sugar to their rums, which I described in this article.

There is a link to the sugar list on the navigation bar at the top of the page, or you can click here to check it out.

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