• Ivar

The Big Daiquiri Challenge - Chapter 3

Updated: Jan 22

Our search for the ideal daiquiri rum is now in its third chapter. We keep doing this because we all feel it’s such an enjoyable exercise. Chapter one and chapter two were very much connected, as the winners from the first went on to the second chapter to face new opponents. This time we’ve done it a little different, as almost all entries are new this time.

There are two reasons for this. First, some of the winning rums are running out (tough to get rum in Toronto). Second, we’ve learned from the previous chapters that there are several rums our group keeps picking as the best. Since we don’t want to constantly talk about the same rums, we are changing the lineup this time.

Some of the most impressive ones so far: Rhum Rhum PMG, Clairin Sajous, Mhoba French Cask, Probitas, Foursquare Dominus, Dr Bird, Rum Bar Overproof & Rum Fire. Some of them will come back to future Daiquiri Challenges for comparison of course.

We kept the format and recipe the same. Rum A vs Rum B, single knockout. The recipe being two rum, one lime, half sweet. We had a full roster of tasters this time. Everyone was available, so we had 5 people present. Hamish Grant, Matthew Wise, Andrew Toplack, Mariangela and myself.

We set up everything in our kitchen again with snacks and daiquiri ingredients. Difference with last time was that Andrew showed up with a big bag of amazing snacks. Since this was on top of what we already had, it became an eating and drinking fest. A great combo!

As a reminder, the winners from last time were: Probitas, Clairin Sajous, Foursquare Dominus, Rhum Rhum PMG, Mhoba French Cask and a stalemate between Rum Bar Overproof and Rum Fire.

The Cast

· Doorly’s XO, Foursquare, Barbados, 40%

· Mount Gay XO, Mount Gay, Barbados, 43%

· Hamilton Jamaican Pot Still Black, Worthy Park, Jamaica, 46.5%

· JAH 45 Silver, Hampden/New Yarmouth/Clarendon blend, Jamaica, 40%

· Leatherback, North Of 7, Canada, 57%

· Privateer Navy Yard Barrel Proof, Privateer, USA, 62%

· Smith & Cross, Hampden/Long Pond/Clarendon/Worthy Park blend, Jamaica, 57%

· Wray & Nephew Overproof, New Yarmouth, Jamaica, 63%

· Rum Bar Overproof, Worthy Park, Jamaica, 63%

· Hampden Estate Pure Single, Hampden,Jamaica, 46%

· Hamilton White Stache, Trinidad/Guyana/Dominican blend, 43.5%

· Ron Colón, El Salvador/Jamaica blend, 55.5%

The Tasting

Doorly’s XO vs Mount Gay XO

Doorly’s XO

Ivar: Starts very limey, followed by sweetness

Matt: Citrus on the nose

Mariangela: Too much lime for me, I want more rum

Toplack: Very nice, but I still wouldn’t have another

Hamish: I’d like it to be more spirit forward