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The Big Daiquiri Challenge - Chapter 4

Updated: Jul 23

Welcome to the fourth chapter of The Big Daiquiri Challenge. It's been quite a while since the last time we did this. Thanks to the pandemic we simply couldn't gather in our kitchen for this fun tasting session. Good thing about that was that I had some time to gather more suitable rums, although even that was harder thanks to Covid 19. Once I knew we were all vaccinated, I started sending messages out to the crew. The responses I got were all very enthusiastic. As if we'd all been walking through the desert for days, looking for water but seeing hallucinations of daiquiris. The best response came from Matthew. He sent me a screenshot of his calendar, stating:"8pm - Daiquiri Challenge AKA the greatest day of my life". :)

If you've never read any of the big daiquiri challenge articles, I'll paint a picture of what it's like. I gather 6 pairs of rums and a crew of four to five friends (Hamish Grant, Matthew Wise, Andrew Toplack, Mariangela and myself) to taste them. One of them, Dr Andrew, always makes the cocktails following the same recipe: two rum, one lime, half sweet. We then taste them, Rum A vs Rum B, single knockout. Apart from tasting the daiquiris, I also have a notepad on my lap where I'm frantically writing down as many of everyone's comments as I can. I miss out on some of them or course, as I can't always keep up. I publish all the comments as is. Don't expect much from a scientific perspective, but they are usually rather fun to read through.

If you want to check out the previous chapters, here are chapter one, chapter two and chapter 3.

As a reminder, the winners from chapter 3 were: Mount Gay XO, Hamilton Jamaican Pot Still Black, Ron Colón, Privateer Navy Yard, Smith & Cross and Rum Bar Overproof.

The Cast

· Wray & Nephew Overproof, New Yarmouth, Jamaica, 63%

· Clairin Communal, Clairin blend, Haiti, 43%

· Clairin Sajous, Distillerie Chelo, Haiti, 55.9%

· Rum Nation Jamaica Pot Still 2015, Worthy Park, Jamaica, 57%

· Longueteau Le 50, Distillerie Longueteau, Guadeloupe, 50%

· A1710 La Perle, Habitation Du Simon, Martinique, 54.5%

· Doorly’s 12, Foursquare, Barbados, 40%

· Mhoba Strand 101, Mhoba, South Africa, 55.5%

· Stolen Overproof, Hampden, Jamaica, 61.5%

· Equiano, Barbados/Mauritius blend, 43%

· Appleton 8, Appleton Estate, Jamaica, 43%