Top Rum Revelations Of 2020

What a year. A very challenging one for many. I have a lot of good things in my life, so I don’t and won’t complain much. I do see a lot of people around me struggling to various degrees and I’m really hoping 2021 will bring some relief for everyone.

This article is not just a top 5 rum thing. It also covers some of my personal thoughts and feelings when it comes to my rum blogging and Covid 19. If you’ve had enough of Covid related stories, please skip to the rum top 5 of 2020.

Covid & rum blogging in Canada

Something I’ve learned through this pandemic when it comes to rum blogging in Canada is that travel is essential for being able to stay in touch with the latest releases somewhat. Since I live in a province that has a strict government liquor monopoly, the selection is average and I can’t just order rum from abroad. In regular times I travel a couple of times a year and typically host a few visitors from outside Canada. Each of those happenings are opportunities to acquire new rum. The Covid travel ban put a stop to that completely.

This in itself is not the end of the world of course. Among many other things, not being able to travel to see my family back home is worse. However, by November I started feeling annoyed and somewhat envious of quite a few people around the world who were able to continue buying new release after release. That is an odd feeling for me. Whenever someone has an amazing car, massive house or a thousand bottle rum collection, my feeling and response is always the same, namely:”that’s great!”. I never envy people for their possessions. I did now.

Next to that I started feeling like an alien in Zoom rum chats, saying all the wrong things. I started getting irritated by negative vibes in FB rum groups and even with some of the positivity. What’s wrong with me?! So I pressed the stop button. Deactivated my social media for a while, as I realized I wasn’t myself and needed a reset.

I think the reason why it became difficult is that regular social life is no longer there to compensate. When you have constant real life interactions, it is much easier to put social media communication into perspective. In that situation, social media takes the back seat and isn’t that important. But when Zoom and social media are basically all that’s left, it becomes challenging… least for me. I’m not good at dealing with the unreal and fake nature of 78% of the online world and need to unplug from the matrix on a regular basis and have some real life interactions.

Missing out on rum festivals is another thing that came to the surface. They are such a great opportunity to taste and get to know a myriad of different rums, especially because they aren’t available in my home market. It’s almost an essential tool when you live where I live and want to be knowledgeable about rum. The same can be said for distillery visits and the people you meet at all these events. Swapping rum knowledge, stories and samples is so much better in person.

Speed blogging

My speed of writing articles is rather low, more slug like. There are several reasons for this. Most importantly is my ADD brain (my mind is always all over the place), in combination with my regular job that never stops and often times covers 7 days a week. When I started Rum Revelations I thought I could write two articles a week. It turns out that was highly optimistic. I’ve settled on about two a month now. This is not good for my visitor numbers of course, but while high visitor numbers and popularity are motivational, it’s never been a goal for me to become the biggest/bestest. It simply isn’t possible with the way I do things.

In that light I’m amazed by the speed of some other bloggers. The amount of material produced by them is quite staggering. Alexandru at the Rum Barrel for example. Even more impressive is Wes at the Fat Rum Pirate. Not only does he write a lot, he’s also been doing that consistently for many years. A recipe for success. I hope they’ll be able to continue this good work. What I’m also hoping is that Steven at Rum Diaries Blog gets back to writing regularly, since he’s about my favourite rum blogger.

Rum Revelations in numbers